Friday, June 22, 2012


Oliver started playing T-ball this year.  It's been so fun to watch him play!  He is one of the youngest, and by far the smallest, on the it's been good for him to learn from other kids who have played before.  They are all improving so much!  Here are pictures from his first game:  (he's #12....and he's quite proud of that--it used to be Joel's number, too!)
 (Ollie and his warm-up partner, Logan)

 (Brahm hanging out...we keep him busy with food.)

 (Lily and I...oh yeah, we keep busy with food, too...)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Brahm {7 months}

Brahm is 7 months old....and as you can tell by my pictures (or lack of them) he didn't lay still for long.  He is MOVING.  He has learned to pull himself around, roll anywhere and everywhere, and even pulled UP onto some furniture this past week.  I have to say, he is a MUCH happier little guy now that he's moving.  I could tell those last few weeks of just sitting that he was getting pretty restless...and now he's free.

 (His special spot outside while the kids swim....)

 (He's eating with his hands like a pro!  And usually doesn't want much to do with us--
just wants to do it himself!)

Oh, and this face.  It is hilarious.  It's his "fake crying so you'll pick me up" face.  Scrunched up nose, flails his arms and legs,'s pretty funny.  And most of the time, it works.  :-)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


We decided to buy a bit bigger of a pool this year, since the kids love to swim and were getting pretty good at it.  So far, they have been out almost every day and they LOVE it!!!  


Even Brahm got in a couple of times, and he loved it, too!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Graduation Day!

Oliver graduated from preschool this May.  It was a fun celebration and a great way to end two WONDERFUL years of preschool.  His teacher, Mrs. Helsel, was fantastic and he loved her SOOOO much!  

He also had a class full of wonderful friends which was so neat.  He enjoyed every minute of school!
 (Ollie and his good friend, Cooper.)

 (the whole "graduating" class)

(Us with our little graduate)