Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lily's Preschool Program

Lily's class had a program the last day of school before Thanksgiving.  It was fun to go and see a sample of what they do there--and maybe a sample of how she is at preschool, too!  

She was pretty excited about seeing us there, especially Brahm--and multiple times shouted out Brahm's name during a song or something!!  So funny.  We are so thankful for her teachers, Miss Karri and Miss Renee--and her friends, especially Luke!  And for the fact that Lily LOVES going to school each Tuesday and Thursday. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Brahm's Birthday

We celebrated Brahm's 1st birthday with family and a couple of friends.  It was fun for the most part....but Brahm really wasn't "into" celebrating that day....

 First, we let Brahm open his gifts from us during the afternoon.  The biggest hit was the new sippy cups we got for him...

 Practicing on the new ones...

Oliver and Lily were MORE than happy to teach Brahm how to play with Duplo blocks!

He loves balls, so for the party, I made everything polka-dots.  

After supper, we brought over Brahm's piece of cake to dig into (and we thought, since he's had sugar already--he'd be REALLY excited about this cake!)  but no.  He screamed.  He almost grabbed the candle in my attempt to just get a picture....and then things went downhill from there.  Long story short--we stopped the charades and just held him, and finally, he started to perk up as people left.  I really think that kid just doesn't like lots of people around! :-)

He got some really sweet presents and that went well...it was a fun celebration--and DEFINITELY memorable!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

October FUN!

 October was full of fun!  Pumpkin patch, playing outside, Halloween and trick-or-treating...and then it was done! 

We've settled into a routine at home with Oliver in school all day--after lunch every day, Lily watches "Caillou".  It's one of her favorites!  (Although, now that I look....this show is NOT Caillou...)

We played in the leaves one afternoon--the weather this month was BEAUTIFUL!

The boys built and flew an airplane...

No fall is ever complete without a trip to the Pumpkin Patch!  And this year, while Joel and the older two went through a (really long) corn maize, Brahm and I picked pumpkins.

A first this year was the Walton Rural Life Center Halloween Parade, which I got to watch. Oliver wanted to be an astronaut, and he took the initiative to create most of his costume (with some help, of course!)

I also got to go help with his party at school that day--we made mummies!  And when I got into the room, I found these notes on Oliver's desk that he had written.  Apparently, just like at home, he writes notes all day long!  (Pretend the notes are turned the right way...they read, "Life Cycle of a Pumpkin" and "I am a good listener!")

Finally, trick-or-treating!  We LOVE our neighborhood and had such a great time walking around and visiting with neighbors (while filling baskets pretty full of candy!) Such sweet memories!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!!!  We LOVE you!!!
(more partying to come!)