Sunday, March 30, 2008

Birthday Boy

Hey everyone! It's been a year since I entered the world. So far--I love it! Here's my monthly picture of my sitting in the rocking chair. Aren't I handsome?

My talented Aunt Courtney took a few special one-year photos of me, too. I tried on my outfit that I wore last year (the one where Addilyn and I sat in the Easter basket and screamed...) so I'll include that one, too.

I have a few more that I'd like to post (especially the ones of me in my basketball uniform) but my mom can't figure out how to flip them from Aunt Courtney's disk. So those are coming.

Bye bye!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Cake and Ice Cream, Take Two!

Ollie had a party tonight with another boy, Eli. Eli and Ollie are only 5 days apart! They invited many of their little friends--and we played hard! Here are some pictures of the party:

Ollie with his baseball cupcake.

Ollie and Eli pigging out.

Trying to get two boys to sit still for two seconds...harder than you'd think!

Some friends at the party.

And a few random ones...

Hugging the giant duck
Proving that he has just as big a mouth as daddy...:-)

Also-we had his one-year appointment today--he is 20 lbs 9 oz, and 30 inches long...that means 60th percentile in height, 19th in weight, and 80th in head circumference!!! (Joel claims that one, too!)

Monday, March 24, 2008

In Case You Ever Wondered...

So, I know at least ONE of you out there woke up this morning and asked yourself, "Self, what would happen if I set a glass 9 x 13 pan full of coffee cake on a burner and turned it on high?" Well--wonder NO MORE! I have the answer...uh...not from personal experience, of course. It was ...a friend. Anyway--what would happen IF you chose (or didn't choose) to do that? It would EXPLODE in a LOUD bang into a million little pieces and your house would smell like burnt sugar. And these pieces would fly over 10 feet to the other side of the kitchen. Not that I friend told me. And sent this picture to me...

Friday, March 21, 2008

March Madness

That's what it is...seriously. The ONE time during the whole year that I kind of pay attention to the games. So, each year, I fill out a bracket. Of course I pay attention to the rankings of each team, and usually pick a few upsets. I choose names that I've heard of, thinking that they'd be a better team. I come up with a cool team name, and have my bracket ready to go. And without fail, I am in last place. EVERY YEAR! It's day two of the tournament, and already I'm losing. It's chance!!!!! How can I lose every year? One of my final teams is already out...arghhhhhh. Let me know when it's all over.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Okay--every parent HAS to post a video of their child dancing--so here's ours! (I don't know how to rotate a video--so if anyone DOES know--please tell me!)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Birthday Party #1

Greetings. I enjoyed my first birthday party yesterday! I know my birthday isn't until March 30, but my Aunt Sara from Columbus was around and so we all got together and celebrated! Here are a few highlights:

Getting my first baseball bat...(notice the theme of my party--BASEBALL!)

Playing with tissue paper...

Eating cake. I got one of the little baseball cakes you can kind of see--but mommy forgot to take a picture of that part! I'm sure we'll post one later from Aunt Courtney. (Or you can check out her blog to the right--she'll have some up soon...)

Playing basketball with daddy on my new hoop.

Playing with Aunt Courtney (who has a new haircut) and Addilyn.

Sitting and cuddling with Grandma. I sure had fun! Thanks everyone for coming!

Oh, and here's a picture of my hair--daddy buzzed the back of my hair a few weeks ago cause he and mommy thought it was looking like a mullet.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Best Kind of Day

Ahhhh....over 70 degrees out, lunch at Chipotle followed by a productive trip to Hobby Lobby...what more could I ask for? Actually, I worked this morning, met Courtney for lunch, and enjoyed some "lite" shopping with her in Wichita. It's beautiful outside, too! Just the kind of break I needed this week--it's been a crazy one! We're having Ollie's 1-year party this weekend, so between getting the house ready for that, (not a HUGE job I realize, but still) parent-teacher conferences two nights this week, and Joel working late due to the beautiful weather--it's been a bit crazy. But spring is coming, and I am happy.

(did anyone guess that I didn't take that picture and it's not taken near Newton?)

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Three of our best friends just had babies within 8 days of each other!!! Here they are. From the left, it's Joel and Jess's little girl, Cora. Then, Mason, Amanda and Dave's little boy, and finally, Braden, Kara and Brad's little one. It is so exciting to see other couples experiencing becoming parents! There is nothing like it in the world. Our own little Ollie is 3 weeks away from his first birthday. He is such a joy to us. We just laugh at him daily! (We have to give him credit--he is quite the little clown!!!)

Monday, March 3, 2008

For All you non-Hypochondriacs out There...

So, I was searching through a book basket the other day and came across a book I received as a gift once from my family: "The Hypochondriac's Handbook". I'm still not sure why they gave it to me.

Anyway--for all you people out there who, like my husband, don't naturally worry over seemingly meaningless things, here are a few thoughts for you:

"4% of Americans have giardiasis, a parasite in water and food that causes diarrhea, flatulence, and other problems."

"Divorced, single, widowed, or separated people are more likely to have symptoms or diseases than married people."

"Do not drink alcohol on an airplane: Alcohol, like caffeine, increases the chances of pulmonary embolism."

"Putting on mascara while in a moving vehicle can be very dangerous. If you slip and the wand goes into your eye, serious infection can result, since an eyeball scratch allows airborne bacteria and other substances to enter."

See? There is TOO always something to worry about!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

My (11-month) Birthday

Since February only has 29 days, (and Ollie's birthday is on a 30) we had to have an imaginary 11-month picture. Well, a real picture, but on the 29th, not the 3oth. So here it is.
Here are some other pics from the week:

Aunt Courtney came over to help us paint our trim in our kitchen,
Learning to color,
And playing with blocks.
We are finally getting some warm weather today--hopefully this will help us get better! Ollie caught about everything there is to catch--and I (Kendall) caught something the end of this week. It's been crazy at school, too, with all the kids and teachers sick. This stuff just hangs on! On a good note--two of our best friends, Amanda and Dave, and Kara and Brad, had baby boys this week. They are so cute!!!