Friday, March 28, 2008

Cake and Ice Cream, Take Two!

Ollie had a party tonight with another boy, Eli. Eli and Ollie are only 5 days apart! They invited many of their little friends--and we played hard! Here are some pictures of the party:

Ollie with his baseball cupcake.

Ollie and Eli pigging out.

Trying to get two boys to sit still for two seconds...harder than you'd think!

Some friends at the party.

And a few random ones...

Hugging the giant duck
Proving that he has just as big a mouth as daddy...:-)

Also-we had his one-year appointment today--he is 20 lbs 9 oz, and 30 inches long...that means 60th percentile in height, 19th in weight, and 80th in head circumference!!! (Joel claims that one, too!)


Anonymous said...

the picture of the ball in Ollie's mouth is HILLARIOUS!!! just like him...=)

Anonymous said...

ooppsss...that last message was from me...Andrea