Saturday, March 1, 2008

My (11-month) Birthday

Since February only has 29 days, (and Ollie's birthday is on a 30) we had to have an imaginary 11-month picture. Well, a real picture, but on the 29th, not the 3oth. So here it is.
Here are some other pics from the week:

Aunt Courtney came over to help us paint our trim in our kitchen,
Learning to color,
And playing with blocks.
We are finally getting some warm weather today--hopefully this will help us get better! Ollie caught about everything there is to catch--and I (Kendall) caught something the end of this week. It's been crazy at school, too, with all the kids and teachers sick. This stuff just hangs on! On a good note--two of our best friends, Amanda and Dave, and Kara and Brad, had baby boys this week. They are so cute!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Joel and Kendell for keeping us posted on little Ollie. He is sooooooooo cute!!