Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Most Recent Happenings...

In the form of a Top Ten List...

"Ways I Spent My Last Week"
10. Updating mom and dad on the state of our fire..."Hot!" (He says that anytime we walk by!)

9. Taking my socks off.

8. Trying to find new things to get into--I always check with mom first, though! (the radio, cupboards, cords, remote...) When she shakes her head--I copy, saying "No, no!"

7. Being sick! (I had to spend 3 hours in the ER Wednesday morning (at 1am!) for trouble breathing and a temp over 104!) Luckily, I am much better thanks to antibiotics and a strong shot!!!

6. Learning the value of the form of plastic.

5. Pulling up on everything--and now I know how to get down!

4. Trying to make and remake my bed...during my naps! (Oh, and notice the blankets tied on the edges? Apparently mom and dad DON'T want the chewed-on look--who knew?)

3. Eating.

2. Riding my new toy around--thanks for lending it to me Danny!

1. Talking. I say many words now--and here's a small sampling to tease you with! If you REALLY want to hear me, you have to come over and play!


Anonymous said...

he's going to be a talker like Ava! watch out....hehe


Tyler & Erin Johnson said...

Did I here a swear word in there? Oliver's a potty mouth.

Chelsie said...

Yay! We get to come see Ollie talk!

I love the new format...and...I'm glad you added us to your list of blogs!

Courtney e said...

I love the new layout!! And the new post... these babies sure are growing up!

See ya Wednesday!

(Tyler... I heard it too... Shhh!)

Kendall Smith said...

Swear words count as words, too you know!!!!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable little boy you have! Some day I want to meet him in person! Hope you guys are all doing great!
Carrie Macy