Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Today I don't have school! Yippee! I will say, though, that there is less of that euphoric feeling when you only work 11:30-3...but still--it's exciting.

Joel took the last two days off because he had vacation time to use--so he's been home, and now it's my turn! Good thing, too. We have small group tonight at our house and I have lots I can do to prepare. Speaking of--we're studying the "Good Sense" budgeting course from Willow Creek. It is an excellent study! It is practical, but very biblically based. We're adding in some humor, too, with Dave Ramsey videos. If any of you are in need of some good financial help--check out those two resources. (Or email Joel...) They are wonderful!


Courtney e said...

Yay for Snow Days! What did you and Oliver do?

Tyler & Erin Johnson said...

Speaking of money did you know that Exxon Mobile made $1300 a second last year. Yeah it's the war driving prices up. Cheez Whiz.

Courtney e said...