Saturday, February 28, 2009

Photobooth Phun

Here we are, setting up our photobooth! It came in a crate this week, and our velcro came, too. We have to put the velcro around the booth so that our panels of material will stay on it.
Here's the frame without the material...

This is the booth completely set up (this is Karla's booth--ours has a silver curtain)

Thanks SO MUCH to Amy and Roglenda for coming down last weekend and helping us set up the booth/learn the software. We are so excited to start! We have two "shows" this week: the Jewelry for Cora party (we're going to be there to take pictures) and then the family fun night this weekend. Our first wedding is in two weeks! Joel's sister Karla is coming down for that.

And here are a couple pics of the kids:
I just LOVE kids in pj's!
And one of Lily. Isn't she getting SO big?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Silly Lily

This little girl s SO happy!
After eating, we lay her on the floor and just smiles and 'talks'. It's just hilarious.
We are having so much fun with her.

But watch out--when she's upset...she'll let you know it!

On another note...

Ollie got to play with his friend Eli last Friday for the morning--they had so much fun! Thanks for bringing him, Shannon!

Playing basketball

Building stuff

Learning to share (boy that's a tough one!)

Eating a snack (can you believe they're almost 2???)

Come over anytime, Eli!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Rec. Ball

This is the 4th or 5th year that Joel has played basketball during the winter with the same team of guys. They have a 3-4 month season, and so far have DOMINATED! Several years they won first place and this year did really well, too. So far, we have been accident free--from ANY of the guys, if I remember right! Until last night.

Joel took a finger to the eye, and immediately, it swelled up! I took him to the Emergency Room (for our 2nd trip in the last month) to have it looked at, since it was 10pm when we got there...

Good news! No scratch or damage to the eye. Just an UGLY swollen eye!!! (And this is his eye looking better--you should have seen it LAST night!)

Oh, and thanks to Shena Schmidt for coming home to watch Ollie and put him to bed while we went!!! We really appreciate it!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Wow. What a crazy few weeks. We've actually had so much going on, so I'll give some brief highlights from the last month:

Tyler, Erin and Addilyn's Visit
Last weekend, my brother and his family came up from Houston for a long weekend. They met Lily and we had a fun time hanging out with them.
We went swimming at the pool... (sorry for the dark picture)

and played at Grandma and Grandpa J's house. They have so much fun together!

Here is our big, growing little girl. She was 9 1/2 pounds last week, and still growing!

This is her one-month picture in the chair. A little small to get a great picture there...we've said that she definitely has some funny faces!!!

Our Porch
Last Thursday Joel decided to start on our porch. It's been in DESPERATE need of repair. So Dave Balzer (our wonderfully handy and kind friend) decided to help Joel do that. They spent a few hours Thursday and then Friday, and made HUGE progress! Here are some pictures of the progress. We still have a little bit left to do--but it's already so much better.

This is how Ollie stood for much of the time they were working. He just loved watching them and talking about what tools they were using.
He was especially excited when Dave let him have a real construction pencil! Thanks Dave!

Those steps are currently gone, and Joel's going to replace them this week, as well as put lattice up where the bare spots are. Then, this spring we can finally landscape!


Although we have certainly inundated Ollie with Cub's paraphernalia from a young age, he seems to have on his own picked up a love of sports. This is how we spend much of our playtime each day. He has such a long attention span for shooting hoops (unlike most other activities!) and it's amazing to watch how good he is!

Copying Mommy

He has also become quite interested in carrying his bear and babies around. He rocks them, burps them, wraps them up, feeds them and changes their diapers. It's funny to watch how much he picks up! Just today, while picking up a baby, he said, (in a high voice) "Come here baby". Wow they learn fast!

Finally, Joel's sister Sara and her husband, Kris, visited us this weekend. We ate way too much food, spent time relaxing together, and got to watch a Shockers game Saturay night. And this coming weekend, Joel's parents will be visiting!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lesson #1

God is teaching me many things through Joel and Jess's struggles. I'm so thankful that He does that--uses these situations to draw us nearer to Him.

I'm not a particularly "huggy" person. I tend to shy away from showing too much affection out of fear. But after going through this experience with Jess and Joel, (and giving lots of hugs) I'm more convinced that it's good to show that love.

I want to love people without reservation--saying encouraging things that I'm thinking, giving hugs when needed, and just going all out in my love for those around me.

The Christ-like love of people surrounding Joel and Jess--their friends and family--has been SO powerful! That kind of love is such an amazing witness in our 'love-less' world. What a great way to show a dying world who Christ really is!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cora's Memorial Service

If you'd like to listen to all or part of Cora's service, go here.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Remembering Cora

I saw these on Amanda's blog and LOVED them! What a great way to contribute to Cora's playground, as well as remember her. I'm buying a pin to wear on my purse to always remember Cora.
If you are interested in one, go here.

Her memorial today was so tough--so God-honoring and sweet in one sense--but in another--absolutely horrible.

We should not have been there.

Jess and Joel should not have been there.

I hate that this happened. I hate that they lost their sweet little girl.

I hate that I have to explain to Ollie where Cora is when he asks if she's still sick or sleeping.

I hate death. I KNOW that this isn't the last word--that Jesus conquered death when he died and rose again.

I'm just so glad we have that Hope. I can't imagine how you'd get through this otherwise.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sweet Cora

Sweet Cora passed away early this morning. Please pray for her parents, Joel and Jess, and her extended family. Pray for her friends and small group, too--as we wrap our arms around them and love them during this horribly difficult time. We trust that God will use this tragedy for His glory and draw people to Himself through this.

We love you Joel and Jess!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Cora hasn't left my mind since two weeks ago when we first heard the news. And, like all of us who love the McClenahans--we're feeling some of that emotional rollercoaster--the ups and downs that they're experiencing.

This morning, our Bible study met (me and about 7 other gals) and prayed for Cora and her family. I was SO encouraged as we talked and studied about Daniel and his life! I was reminded again that God is FAITHFUL. We can't see what His plan for the family is, but we know that His plans are "not to harm [Cora], but to give her a hope and a future". I am so thankful for Joel and Jess and the way they are relying so totally on God and His promises.

I am so humbled to see the thousands of people WORLD WIDE praying for Cora--this is how the Body of Christ is supposed to work! And what a beautiful thing. If only we could see, from heaven, all these people lifting her up. I'm sure it's an incredible sight.

God is being glorified already through this hardship. What HOPE!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Please continue to pray for Cora and her parents!!! Just when things seem like they may be improving with Cora--she has more setbacks! Read her blog (link to the right) and keep lifting them all up in prayer. Even though this is unexpected and frustrating to us, it wasn't a surprise to God. We know He continues to hold her so closely!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

This weekend we took advantage of the 70 degree weather and went to the park! We met our good friends Amanda, Dave, Taylor and Mason there, and had such a fun time.
It's fun to bring Ollie to this park now--he can climb, slide, hang, and do so much on his own!
Here he is with his friend Taylor.
Showing Mason how to climb up...

Too bad he hit 3 kids while we were there. He had to sit on the bench twice. Seriously--this hitting stage can be over!

But we are so excited--this week we are supposed to have three 60 degree-plus days!!!