Saturday, May 31, 2008

Loving the Flowers

So a while back I taught Ollie not to touch flowers, but to smell them instead. He is very good at that! It's hilarious--whenever there's a flower or plant OF ANY KIND he'll lean down, sniff, and say "Mmmmmm!" The other day, while out on the porch, he actually pulled a flower and walked around sniffing it. Here are some pics:

Ollie is certainly an entertainer. He loves to find ways to make us laugh or get a reaction! (Sometimes that's being naughty!!!) Lately, he puts clothes on his head as a 'hat'.
Finally, he also loves riding and being pulled in his little wagon. Usually, it just seats his two bears--but it's lately become a toy.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Good to Know

Well, it's been a rather stormy few days here in Kansas. Nothing new. There have dozens of tornadoes this weekend around the state. Lots of amazing pictures! I'd been watching the radar tonight on TV, as there were severe storms again this afternoon. But I was surprised when, with the TV on--I checked the weather online and found that we were in a tornado warning. "No," I thought. "Surely that's a type-o". Nope. Well, turns out it's northern Harvey County (about 7 miles from here)...but still. If I don't blog after this one--you know why.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


If you don't know me very well, or haven't known me very long--you may not know this about me: I have very odd, vivid, RANDOM dreams at night. Now, I'm not as bad as my brother, who actually carries out these weird dreams (ask him about flying in Mexico). I just wake up and throughout my day remember these dreams. For instance, as I was turning my curling iron on this morning, I realized (and then hastily ran to blog about this) that last night I had a dream about curling my hair. Imagine this:

I'm in my blue bathroom. My curling iron is on. In the sink, there is a cup half full of water with parmesan cheese on top. There is so much cheese, that you can't tell there's water--unless you were to stick your finger in far enough. So, I take my curling iron (which is ON by the way), stick it in the cup, and then curl my hair. You know, so I have parmesan cheese caked into my hair. Only after doing this several times do I (in my dream) realize that sticking a plugged-in appliance into a cup of water is slightly dangerous. Oh well, I continue to finish my 'do.

I'm pretty sure this came from the "Sparky's Hazard House" presentation that the fire department did with our 3rd graders last week. So it's completely logical that I'd dream this. But please--if you ever see flecks of parmesan-looking substances stuck to my curls--mention it to me.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Well, weeks ago we posted a picture of our newly planted garden. We've been having so much fun with it! The rainy weather, and now the warm weather, have really helped stuff to bloom like crazy! We've already picked spinach, lettuce and radishes. Here are some pictures:

Our lovely pick of radishes today...

Our spinach, lettuce, and onions...


Thinning out the carrots...(and raspberries up close)

Today was a perfect warm day to work outside and get some things done. I just LOVE these days!

Friday, May 16, 2008

It's been a while...

My excuse is that it's May. Things always get crazy in May! We have 4 days of school left, so my brain has been there...

Anyway--here are a few updates:

1. Ollie now has more of a big boy room. We moved our guest bed out of his room, so now it's full of his toys.

2. Ollie in his new Cubs outfit (Thanks Hootons!)

3. Ollie with his new friends, Cora and Braden. Their moms, Jess and Kara, came over today and we hung out for a while.

4. Finally, here's a short video of Ollie walking. He's doing really well! It's still funny though, to see him saunter into a room.

Finally, forgive me if I don't blog as often as I least for the next week or two. Things have been so crazy around here!!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Yep. Ollie's finally learned to walk! It's pretty fun to watch him. He is doing it much more now, more than just a step or two. He's really blossomed in the last few days! So fun. We'll post some pictures at some point, maybe a video even!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Did anyone else watch American Idol last night? Don't get me wrong--I'm a HUGE Jason Castro fan--but forgetting the words??? He's got to go. My favorite since the beginning is David Archuleta. He is so good--and dominated the competition last night. I voted 3 times for him. I guess we'll see soon who pulls through!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Reading. Eating Ice Cream. Looking Cool.

'Sup? Here are some kickin' videos of me.

First, eating ice cream. Notice how frantically I sign 'please'.

And here is me reading my tractor book. Notice how I get into position to read (with my legs crossed...)

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I'm guessing we're not ready for crayons yet. (the 20 seconds--seriously!--that I look away to color my own picture, and he's eating them!)

Today, we're sporting a snazzy basketball uniform from Cousin Denita. He sure is handsome!