Sunday, May 25, 2008

Good to Know

Well, it's been a rather stormy few days here in Kansas. Nothing new. There have dozens of tornadoes this weekend around the state. Lots of amazing pictures! I'd been watching the radar tonight on TV, as there were severe storms again this afternoon. But I was surprised when, with the TV on--I checked the weather online and found that we were in a tornado warning. "No," I thought. "Surely that's a type-o". Nope. Well, turns out it's northern Harvey County (about 7 miles from here)...but still. If I don't blog after this one--you know why.


Anonymous said... guys there?????? hello!!!! come on now stop playing games!!!! answer me!!!!

Courtney e said...

Kendall, I feel like it's been 5 days since I've read an updated. Oh, wait it has been 5 days! Is your summer off that exciting!?

Kendall Smith said...

Ha ha ha. I'm getting to that. I'm just taking full advantage of my days off! :-)