Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oliver's Birthday {Friend Party}

Since Oliver turned 5 this year, we decided that he could have 5 friends over for a party.  He chose a rocket party, with all BOYS.  (Although, a few sisters DID get to come, too!)  

We had such fun with these sweet boys--most of them are from his preschool class at school and are SUCH wonderful friends! 

We ate hot dog rockets, made our own rockets, and shot off a REAL rocket thanks to our rocket guy Worker Mitch.  (The guy Joel works with...)

 The cake...

Worker Mitch teaching Ollie about his new rocket launcher...

This part was adorable!  Worker Mitch's son led the effort to retrieve the BIG rocket that Mitch brought...he led them back and was counting for them to "drop it" all together--what a sweet big kid Eli is!

We had such fun at Ollie's friend party...but I think we decided that next year, we'll condense the celebrating into a week or so....spreading it out over two makes for a rather loooooooong celebration!  :-)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oliver's Birthday {Family Day}

Oliver got to take Jingles home from preschool the weekend of his birthday--so had some special fun with him.  

Oliver wanted rocket cookies for school...

We went out to eat at Applebee's...
Opened his gifts (another Lego set!)

Played a bunch with Brahm...
And legos...

We even had a picnic with good friends Taylor and Mason! 
We are so proud of Oliver--he is growing so big and getting so smart!  We can't wait to see how much he loves kindergarten next fall--it will be so fun for him!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Lily's Visit to Preschool

Lily got to come to preschool a few weeks back, and it happened to land on Teddy Bear Day!  It was so much fun, and she did FANTASTIC!!!  (There was one or two times that I had to remind her that I was in charge at preschool, though...)  She'll have so much fun next year!
 Coloring her Teddy Bear picture....she named him "Zack".

Fitting in with the other preschoolers...
 Fixing her bear up at the bear doctor's office...

 Decorating bear cookies...

Our teddy bear picnic outside...

 Playing with Ollie after the picnic...

It was so fun to see her interact so well with the other kids--and makes me so excited to see how she does next fall!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Brahm {5 months}

Brahm turned 5 months old this month.  He is turning into such a funny little guy!  He is always happy and laughs at Oliver and Lily A LOT!!!  They are pretty entertaining, after all!
 He and Lily are pretty close.  She LOVES to make him giggle and laugh, and he likes to pull her hair...

Brahm is doing so much!  He's rolling, moving, grabbing his feet, eating lots of food, sleeping some...

And he learned how to play peek-a-boo this month!

"Where's Brahm-y?  Where's Brahm????"
 "There he is!!!"

 We LOVE this little guy more and more each day--what a sweet little boy he is.

Oliver's 5th Birthday {Family Party}

 Oliver and his cousin Addilyn are only 3 weeks apart--so it is so fun to celebrate their special days together!  And this year, we were actually close enough to have a party!  Addilyn wanted rainbows, Oliver wanted rockets.  So that was our theme. 

 It worked out that most of us were able to spend the entire day together--so we did lots of playing and riding bikes and just enjoying the day.

 Courtney made rocket and rainbow cupcakes....inside they were tie-dyed!!!

 Here they are--the birthday girl and boy!  They had such fun that day!

(They pulled these chairs up to the gift table just like that--it was so funny!)

And...since Legos were a part of the gifts....we had a lego party to end the evening.