Saturday, April 21, 2012

Oliver's 5th Birthday {Family Party}

 Oliver and his cousin Addilyn are only 3 weeks apart--so it is so fun to celebrate their special days together!  And this year, we were actually close enough to have a party!  Addilyn wanted rainbows, Oliver wanted rockets.  So that was our theme. 

 It worked out that most of us were able to spend the entire day together--so we did lots of playing and riding bikes and just enjoying the day.

 Courtney made rocket and rainbow cupcakes....inside they were tie-dyed!!!

 Here they are--the birthday girl and boy!  They had such fun that day!

(They pulled these chairs up to the gift table just like that--it was so funny!)

And...since Legos were a part of the gifts....we had a lego party to end the evening. 

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