Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer 2013 {Week 1}

I am forcing myself to blog weekly this summer, to document the fun, and maybe not-so-fun, things that this summer brings.  It is wonderful to have all 3 kids at home each day, and here is my chance to remember it!

Lily and Brahm decided to do dishes one day.  Lily loves to do these, and seriously--she is SUCH good help! I am so thankful for her servant heart!

Joel brought home two trailer-loads of sand to finish the pool pad he was building for our pool to set on.  It was quickly finished, and now--we have water!

Last weekend, the kids had a soft-serve stand for friends and neighbors.  They used one of our machines, set out toppings, and raised money for our local Vacation Bible School program next week.  The money is going towards a Proclaimer--an electronic device that will read the Bible in the language of different tribes so they can hear the Bible in a way they understand.  Oliver and Lily were so excited about the "missionary robots" and the fact that they raised over $130!!!

Memorial Day evening, we went to the Bethel College trail to "climb trees" and play in the creek.  The kids LOVE this place, and Oliver was really hoping to find a Cottonwood to climb.  :-)  

(posing for mom)

(the more accurate picture)

"Take my picture, Mom!"

So far, we are off to a good start.  Last weekend we dealt with a few tantrums, and I threw a few of my own two days ago...but I think we're all settling in.  Next week, Vacation Bible School starts, and my kids are SOOO excited about it! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Last Days of School

Last week we celebrated the last day of school for both Lily and Oliver.  We OF COURSE were excited for summer, but were so sad to see WONDERFUL school years end!  

Lily said goodbye to Ms. Karri, her wonderful preschool teacher.  Preschool was JUST the thing Lily needed this year.  She is so incredibly independent, and it was great for her to have her own "thing" to do during the week.  Even though it was only 2 afternoons a week, she LOVED it.  

 Oliver had an amazing kindergarten year with Mrs. Roux.  We have been blown away by the good things that happen at Walton Rural Life Center.  Not only are they learning so much, they're doing it by working with animals, doing chores, selling lip balm (among other things), and creating projects that showcase their learning.  He also made wonderful friends that he is already missing! We are excited for first grade but will miss Mrs. Roux so much!!!  He mentioned several times, "Mrs. Roux is the best teacher in the WORLD!!!!!"  

And now, we are fully ready to celebrate SUMMER!!!!

Brahm {18 months}

Brahm celebrated 18 months in May!  We didn't make a big deal about it, but did sing "Happy Half-Birthday to You!" at supper that night, and he just stared at us with a very confused look while we did it....I think he may not be a huge fan of that song....judging by the fit that ensued at his one year birthday party...

Anyway, we are celebrating the FUNNY little guy is becoming!  Although he took a while to start talking, he has definitely caught up and doesn't stop talking.  "momma?  Dadda?  Ow-wa-wuh?"  All day long.  People always told us that #2 would be quiet, since Oliver was such a talker, and that didn't happen.  Surely, #3 will be quiet? we wondered.  Nope.  But it's good.  Loud, but good.  

At 18 months, Brahm loves...

*Going on walks.
*Looking at, and chasing, birds.  

*Milk and juice.  
*Bathtime, "wa-wa" outside, and running through the sprinkler ANY chance he can get.

Brahm doesn't so much like me singing.  ("NO NO NO!" he yells)
Brahm doesn't love Lily mothering him.  
Brahm doesn't like going inside....

Speaking of me singing.....Brahm sings Justin Bieber.  "Bebe OH!  Bebe OH!!!"  And he sings "Bob the Builder", and "My God is so BIG!"  (Well, just the "big" part.)  

We say this every time we post about him, but he is just so funny.  SUCH a little character.  And I love seeing the 3 kids interact together.  That has been the best thing about 3--watching Oliver and Lily learn to play with and care for Brahm.  We are SO thankful for him!

                                             Lily reading to him out of a bird book...

                                                              Taking care of babies.

                                                    Mowing.  Good form, huh???

Brahm has a CRAZY interest in tools.  Here he is helping Daddy build a platform for our pool...

Oliver teaching Brahm to drive his remote-control car...

He and Lily spend LOTS of their time chasing each other around the kitchen table...