Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Last Days of School

Last week we celebrated the last day of school for both Lily and Oliver.  We OF COURSE were excited for summer, but were so sad to see WONDERFUL school years end!  

Lily said goodbye to Ms. Karri, her wonderful preschool teacher.  Preschool was JUST the thing Lily needed this year.  She is so incredibly independent, and it was great for her to have her own "thing" to do during the week.  Even though it was only 2 afternoons a week, she LOVED it.  

 Oliver had an amazing kindergarten year with Mrs. Roux.  We have been blown away by the good things that happen at Walton Rural Life Center.  Not only are they learning so much, they're doing it by working with animals, doing chores, selling lip balm (among other things), and creating projects that showcase their learning.  He also made wonderful friends that he is already missing! We are excited for first grade but will miss Mrs. Roux so much!!!  He mentioned several times, "Mrs. Roux is the best teacher in the WORLD!!!!!"  

And now, we are fully ready to celebrate SUMMER!!!!

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Anonymous said...

The Walton school is amazing-- a national model! So cool.