Monday, March 3, 2008

For All you non-Hypochondriacs out There...

So, I was searching through a book basket the other day and came across a book I received as a gift once from my family: "The Hypochondriac's Handbook". I'm still not sure why they gave it to me.

Anyway--for all you people out there who, like my husband, don't naturally worry over seemingly meaningless things, here are a few thoughts for you:

"4% of Americans have giardiasis, a parasite in water and food that causes diarrhea, flatulence, and other problems."

"Divorced, single, widowed, or separated people are more likely to have symptoms or diseases than married people."

"Do not drink alcohol on an airplane: Alcohol, like caffeine, increases the chances of pulmonary embolism."

"Putting on mascara while in a moving vehicle can be very dangerous. If you slip and the wand goes into your eye, serious infection can result, since an eyeball scratch allows airborne bacteria and other substances to enter."

See? There is TOO always something to worry about!


Tyler & Erin Johnson said...

Did you know that 95% of readers of that book have high blood pressure? It's true.

Courtney said...

Dang, I'm sure glad I drink Ginger Ale on flights... no caffeine in that!