Saturday, April 7, 2007

Week One

My mom and two of my sisters (Sara and Karla) just left town today, they have been here since Tuesday. My mom stayed with us, which was of great help, while my sisters and their families stayed with my aunt Marge and uncle Ed. They threw a shower for us at the Rec Center on Friday and it was amazing. We will post some pictures of it sometime. The shower had a baseball theme. There were Cubs plates, cups, forks, and napkins. The food consisted of Chicago style hot dogs, soft pretzels, nachos, and root beer. My niece Abi was the vendor, she carried popcorn, peanuts, and rope licorice in a vendor like box, just like at baseball games. And of course we got tons of sports clothing and toys.
Since my sister Karla was in town we took advantage of her and have more pictures for you to view:
Oliver One Week pics
Now we will try to get into a routine at home. I will be off for one more week while Kendall has off until the next school year at that point she will be teaching part-time.
Happy Easter to everyone.

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Dzino said...

Excellent pics... He's too cute! I'm might see him in June... Yay, can't wait.