Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Like Father, Like Son #2058

Here are two shirts of Joel's that Ollie has worn this week. They're so cute! The first is a basketball shirt and it says "Willie Dribble". Cute, huh? The second is a little football shirt. They're actually a bit tight, but that's the style these days, right?


Courtney e said...

Man that is a lot of similarities!
He's got a little gut on that second picture! Cute shirts... even for being 28 years old!

mitch said...

man i can't believe how fast time is going. your lookin good little man!!! uncle mitch
p.s. joel your either a really good picture taker (better than karla) or that is one great bathroom job!!!

Kendall Smith said...

I'll speak for Joel--it's ONE GREAT BATHROOM JOB!