Thursday, January 21, 2010


Last night, our Community Life group witnessed a murder. And all of us were suspects! Sarah and Justin hosted a "Murder Mystery" we all dressed up as our characters and enjoyed a really fun night together--accusations, suspicions, questionable was great.
I was Mary K. Trairie--reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper. Joel was my photographer.
Dave was a pilot (?) and Amanda was Princess Idelle.

Wyatt and Laurel shared the part of Mal...a questionable character, to say the least!

Matt was the princess' bodyguard. Doesn't he look tough?

Rachel was Barbra--a lively partying girl.

As dinner started, we began to sort through the myriad of evidence...everyone seemed suspicious.

Oh yeah, Cole got to come along, too--with Aaron and Shannon--Shannon was our 'waitress' for the evening...

Some things were AWFULLY puzzling...
Bill was a commander and Olivia was a gossip column writer (can't remember their names though!). Sarah (by me) was a pilot and her husband, Justin, was a spy for the British.

I can't tell you who the murderer ended up being...because then I'd have to kill you....

Let's just say it was SO much fun! We decided that we'll have to have more dress-up parties!


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

I was in a murder mystery dinner back in college once. It was fun!!!! Glad you guys had a good time as well :)

The Sieberts said...

you guys are awesome!

Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

Looks VERY fun! LOVED the costumes!