Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ollie's Words of Advice...

on the topic of 'Women'.

1. Playing 'hard to get' by running away and crying is a good way to get a hug and kiss from a girl.

2. Telling a girl that you're married to her is a great way to make a best friend.

3. Take a bath with your friend. And then tell her, "Thanks for taking a bath with me." Good bonding time for all.

4. Hide your best shovel and bucket while playing in the sandbox--you wouldn't want your lady friend to take your best tools!

5. Go to the bathroom with the door open. The girls REALLY like that.

6. Pull out all your best 'potty talk' around the women. It makes them melt. If you can incorporate anything related to 'pooping', 'tooting' or making belching noises--EVEN BETTER.

Follow these simple steps--and the ladies will be putty in your hands.

(But don't be surprised if mom and dad give you a 'talking-to' for #6...)


Aaron and Shannon said...

That's so funny! The boys in our lives will keep us on our toes!

Courtney e said...

maybe I should take his advise... usually I don't go for guys like that, but Ollie could be on to something...