Monday, April 4, 2011

I might possibly be obsessed with...


It's true. And last night reminded me of that. I just LOVE a good thunderstorm. Or even a CHANCE for a thunderstorm. I never feel more alive than when I'm watching massive lightning fill the sky.

My love of storms MIGHT come from the fact that my parents would put us into the car (even in our PJ's) when storms were coming, just so we could see them better. We'd drive around the countryside just enjoying the lightning.

If you're ever spending time with me and a thunderstorm pops up...don't take it personally. I really can't focus on you. Or anything. I just want to enjoy the storm! (and watch the clouds, and see a radar, and be in the country.)

In high school, I used to walk or drive up to a certain spot in town that overlooked the town so I could watch the storms move in. It was so peaceful.
I wanted to become a meteorologist in high school, but then realized I had to use science AND math. Shoot. There went that dream.

When Joel and I got married, I dragged him out a couple times so I could watch for tornadoes. He didn't believe me that the safest spot during a storm was OUTSIDE--you know--so I could see which direction the tornado was coming from!
I might possibly have once (as an RA in college) helped to usher our entire dorm of people down to the basement during a tornado warning, only to have them come back OUT when I yelled, "I see a funnel!" It was true. But probably not very safe.
I also might have prayed that we'd have a massive thunderstorm during my labor with Ollie (what's more fun than that?) only to have that prayer dad had to drive home before meeting Ollie because of the threat of large amounts of water in his basement. (He asked me NOT to pray that when Lily was born...)
Joel and I actually attended a spotter meeting REALLY hoping to become trained spotters...but unfortunately, I was 9 months pregnant at the time, and we weren't quite sure how that would work with a baby.

I have several favorite meteorologists (and will be the FIRST to buy their trading cards when those come out. I'm SURE they'll be coming soon, right?)

It's my very favorite thing about spring.
Mostly--I feel more alive during a thunderstorm than any other time. Even more alive then when I'm drinking coffee. Maybe because it reminds of God's incredible beauty, power, and creative nature--all in one.

I sure hope there are thunderstorms in heaven.


The Chance Family said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!! It truly represents the amazing power and awesomeness of God.

Joel Smith said...

Yeah, I should have mentioned that I did NOT take those pictures!!!! :-)


Amanda said...

just think about how cool you'd be if you really had taken all those photos!!!

Julie said...

i loved this post! i love thunderstorms, too! are you instilling your love for storms in Ollie and Lily?

Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

And here I thought Rich was the only one who was crazy over thunderstorms.

Momma H said...

Those pictures are incredible. Thanks for sharing them.
Both my kids whine about missing KS thunderstorms - but THEY are the ones who moved to MT and AK!!
Our t-stroms are fantastic.

Allen and Debby Graber said...

I LOVE cloud pictures!! But I do NOT like running to the basement with the threat of tornados! Where did you get those pictures? I would love to put them on my computer screen!

Amy said...

I love a good thunderstorm. (Maybe not quite as much as you, though.) :) Those are my favorite sleeping nights.

Tami said...

I used to be the biggest thunderstorm scaredy-cat, but the last few years have brought out a HUGE obsession/fascination with them... I think that it is also because I see the power of God in themj; the majesty of the one who waters the land and stirs the heavens... He's amazing, isn't he?!

Courtney e said...

I'm obsessed too. I loved going out in our PJ's trying to see funnels and storms... and going on the porch instead of the basement when there was a tornado warning. Awwww, good times. The only thing I don't love now is hail. I don't want my poor little car to get damaged!