Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Moving Day!

(Oh, and did I mention this was over a month ago?)

Yeah, well, we moved.

We probably could've planned things a bit differently in regards to moving, fixing up a house, having another child, and 2 of our 3 cars breaking down...but hey, we like to live on the edge.

But here are the "day of" pics of us packing and moving--and thankfully, the weather was PERFECT.
(a baseball break)

And our caravan arriving at the new house...

*That evening, our small group came over to help us move furniture and boxes. And Aunt Marge supplied ALL 14 of us with supper. I almost teared up watching this caravan of people who we were just getting to know follow us from our old house to our new house...carrying all of our 'stuff', helping us move in. It was such a sweet moment and we are SO GRATEFUL to each of them for helping out!

I'm hoping to eventually post 'we're in the house' pictures... but that may be December before that happens.


Wixo said...

Okay for us North Dakotans...Did you just throw in "having another kid" for effect or are you really HAVING ANOTHER KID? If so Congrats!

Berean Pre K Blog said...
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Joel Smith said...

SORRY Nikki!! I 'announced' on facebook this time...you know, third time around...:-) I'm due early November.

Wixo said...

Looks I need to friend you on Facebook...the juicy details of your life must be posted there :)

Congrats again!