Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, Lily Mae!

Lily turns 3 today!  How fast these years have gone!  
We love our little girl SO much--she is spunky and sweet, helpful, kind and fiercely independent.  
We called her our little "hurricane" when she was one and would go from item to item, causing destruction and chaos wherever she went.  We're still seeing that two years later!  She doesn't sit for more than a few minutes--but rather jumps from toy to toy playing with everything! 
Lily loves to play with babies:  feeding them, singing to them, reading to them, and putting them to bed in her new cradle from Grandma and Grandpa J.   She also will frequently go to Walmart or Walgreens with her shopping bags, and spends lots of time playing in her play kitchen.

She loves having dance parties in her ballerina clothes, and will almost always have music playing...VERY loudly.  (She's known for turning on the CD player, and then going to play somewhere else, leaving us to listen to her music.)  She especially loves "rockin' music", and one time played the entire "Newsboys  Going Public" CD. 
She loves her brother, but knows JUST how to bug him.  When they're getting along, they play so well--creating rocket ships, playing mommy and daddy, or building with legos.  

Lily is incredibly observant, noticing exactly how Joel takes medicine, exactly how I get ready in the morning, and will often tell us just how to have our hands on the steering wheel to drive "both on top".  She doesn't miss a thing.  

We are so thankful for her--she brings such joy and laughter, silliness and sweetness to our family.  We pray that we have many more beautiful years with her--and that she'll grow to love the Lord and others in her very "Lily" way.


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

I remember visiting you & Lily at the hospital when she was born, pushing a 5 1/2 month old Luke in the stroller. My -- they both have changed. I do remember her being "hurricane," but my favorite thing about her is the way she talks. I appreciate her cute little voice and the way she says things (I.e. "Sarah, my kirt blowing up" -- out at the park on a windy day).

The Sieberts said...

happy birthday Lily! love that little girl!

Amy Warden said...

Happy Birthday, Lily! Maybe one day we will meet...

Anonymous said...

HAPPY B- DAY "SILLY" Lily!!!! glad we were able to celebrate with you. even if it was a couple days early. have fun on the bike!!! love the Hooton's