Thursday, May 17, 2012

Brahm {6 months}

Brahm turned 6 months old this month!  That is so exciting--as this is always the best part for me--when they start sitting, crawling, eating more food, taking nice, long, CONSISTENT naps, etc.  And I just love to see that little personality come out!

Brahm is certainly NOT letting us down in the personality department, either.  He is one happy little guy!  And when he's not, he lets us know.  His vocal chords are the strongest of the three!  

He is a little social butterfly, too.  I started sitting him up in a cart when we go grocery shopping, and he LOVES looking around at everyone.  Occasionally, he'll spot someone close and just give them the cheesiest little grins!  They almost always comment on that...what a little flirt.  

Another thing he's started doing this week is wrinkling up his nose at us.  It's the silliest little face, and he uses it when he's being entertained, or wants to get our attention.  Such a sweet little guy.  

He's doing much better with sleeping consistently, and multiple times has slept all night--but occasionally likes to throw us off by waking at 3 or 4am and just crying.  My excuse is that he's teething....but, it's kind of taking a while for him to get those through!  :-)

He loves ALL food, (well, except soy formula and beans...) and is getting to be such a big eater!  He's sitting up like a pro, and looks like he could just take off crawling any day.  I think he's going to be a mover!  

And of course, with every month, we love this little guy more and more.  What a sweet addition to our family he has been!

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The Sieberts said...

so cute! i miss seeing you guys!