Friday, August 31, 2012

Oliver Rides the Bus

The most nerve-racking part of starting kindergarten was NOT starting kindergarten, but rather, riding the bus.  I was nervous, because I was going to be sending my little guy on a giant bus with many unknown kids driving 70 miles an hour down the most dangerous highway in the country.  

Oliver was nervous, too.  But now that we're two weeks into it, he doesn't mind.  In fact, he usually gets to sit by one of his two best friends at school, so that is GREAT!  (The first week though, he kept insisting to me and Joel that he "wouldn't step foot outside" in the mornings....but when he found out how much worse it would be for him if he missed the bus, well, he came around.)  :-)


Anonymous said...

sounds like Ollie, Drew and Isaac all started out school the same! What is it with little boys and school? Well, it can be boring and it not filled with legos and bikes.

The Sieberts said...

oh my goodness he looks so BIG in this picture. miss seeing you guys around!