Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lily and Mason

Lily has found a friend.  In fact, it might be much more than friendship...on her end.  She daily proclaims to me, "I LOVE Mason!!!  I just love him SO much!"  She asks me AS SOON as she wakes up if she can go over to Mason's house and ask him to play.  (It helps that he lives right behind us...)  I have to convince her to wait until 9am.  So we eat breakfast, clean up, get dressed and do "chores" and then...it's finally time.  

These two play SO well together!...usually.  Occasionally, Mason will (understandably) need a break, and Lily will be devastated!  (But, it is a good time to talk about HOW to be a good friend:  "Lily, friends don't like to be bossed around"..."Lily, you need to speak kindly to friends if you want them to play with you"...etc.)  

Most days though, they just play.  The run and laugh and go in between our houses most of the morning.  
At church, Lily will RUN to see Mason and give him a HUGE hug whenever she does.  This girl is smitten.  Mason?  Well, I know he loves being her friend, but she's mentioned to me many times, "I love Mason but Mason doesn't like me!"  Oh, those silly boys.  I explain that I'm SURE he likes you, but sometimes boys don't say they do.  

I'm afraid we may be in for some interesting years come junior high.... 


The Sieberts said...

so cute! Watch out...girls are boy crazy! lol

Amanda said...

oh this is so cute! I love them! They crack me up! I love that Mason is learning so much about being a good friend too. Whenever I tell him that Lily thinks he doesn't like her he gets all concerned and says "but I DO!" I know that he does deep down inside! He just has a hard time showing that. Sure is funny how these boy/girl relationship characterisitcs start so early!

Rachel said...

I love hearing about these two! Talk about the cutest little friendship ever!!