Monday, October 22, 2012

Brahm {11 months}

Brahm had one of those "there must be lots of growing happening INSIDE" this month...because my September calendar for Brahm is blank.  Seriously.  No new words, no new skills, no funny little new quirks....

But that's not a bad thing--he is STILL crawling everywhere, climbing everything, eating what he wants (currently his faves are grapes, bananas, cherry tomatoes, and anything sweet the kids give him), wrestling with anyone who happens to be laying on the ground, and making his needs known in a very loud way.  That's our little Brahm-y!  

*And as a side-note--since I'm posting this a few weeks late, I will tell you already that he is EXPLODING in new skills!  It just took some time for those things to emerge!  :-)

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