Friday, February 8, 2013

Instagram Friday

I am realizing that I do a much better job of keeping up with the daily pictures of my kids on instagram, rather than my camera and I've decided to dedicate a post simply to Instagram, and the everyday lives of the Smith kids:

 Brahm loves fitting these blocks into the right holes....but dumping them out is WAAAAY more fun!

 Lily's tea party for her 4th birthday started well....quiet girls enjoying "tea" and "cookies"....

...that is, until Oliver came in and started making "drinks" (from the punch" for the girls....(yikes.)

Legos are pretty much a constant thing at our house.  I love it.  But somedays, I get asked a gillion times "would you like to ride in THIS spaceship mom?"  Someday I'll miss that question.

This little boy makes this little face ALL.THE.TIME.  It's hilarious!

Oliver was so excited about HIS reading progress, that he decided to teach Lily to read, too!

We are REALLY ready for summer (and our pool) here.  ANYTIME.

Joel thought that it was high time to introduce the Sega Genesis to Oliver and Lily.  

Lily and Brahm have special mornings together--here, we're brushing our teeth!

Another "staple" of our mornings together?  Lily works.  She is quite the productive little worker bee, I should add.

Lily and Joel designed her picture of "Joel" for 'J' week at preschool.  I love it.

Cutting coupons.  Another task this girl could do ALL.DAY.LONG.  Actually, this is the "work" she does during her 2-hour rest time on the days she's home!  

Brahm usually takes his snack at the little table, alone.  

On this particular day, he was enthralled with the camera button, and figured out how to make it "click"!

Mornings together.   These two are getting to be pretty good buds.

Every other Friday or so, Joel or I go to eat with Oliver at school.  Lily loves to come, too--and it is such a fun time!  (Especially since Fridays mean "giant pickle day"!)

Lily's friend Luke comes over every other week for a morning before school.  This particular day we went to Walmart where they "rode" the motorcycle together....

And then dug in the dirt making mud soup.

Oh this face!!!!  (and p.s. he loves climbing into laundry baskets, too.  And eating raisins out of a teeny bowl.)

Eating ice cream like a big boy!

Lily's letter to "Aunt NeeNee".  

And we turned this Animal Cracker tub into a space helmet...and now it's all Brahm wants to wear!

I'm so thankful that we get to spend so many days together at home--these three are SO precious!!!

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