Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer 2013 {Week 5}

  This week got HOT!  So what do Kansans do when the weather heats up?  We STAY. IN. WATER!!!!!

And sometimes, we stay inside and read.  Brahm loves this chair, 
and when his favorite book is involved, it's even better!

SPRINKLER PARK!  We love this place, and even Brahm loves it!  
He is a crazy man in the water!

  Oliver decided he can make omelets now, so two mornings he got up, made himself an omelet, and then shared with Brahm.  What a kid.

Oliver has gotten into "shooting birds" with his nerf weapons.  Brahm joined in the fun this week, so we had stalwart protectors of our house and livelihood.  Thank goodness.

Lily finished her last round of swimming lessons this week and loved it.  She is getting so comfortable in the water!

Finally, we had the chance to use all of our swimming skills at Joel's cousin's pool.  They let us come over whenever (usually once the temps hit 100, we call them!) and hang out for a while.  We ALL love swimming at Tim and Lisa's pool!


The Sieberts said...

very impressed that Ollie can make his own omelets!

Brian and Cheryl said...

What fun times!!