Monday, September 9, 2013

First Days of School {2013}

Well, we are off and running in our school year.  Oliver started a few weeks back, and Lily has been in school for 3 mornings now.  They were both so excited to start this year, which makes sending them that much easier.  

Oliver is in first grade in Mrs. Bartel's class this year, along with many of his friends from kindergarten.  We LOVE this school.  Everything is hands-on, they work with animals, chore, sell things, etc.  And this year--his teacher plays guitar!!!  :-)  

 At his request, we brought back the bus cake. 


(a funny side note on this picture:  we stopped here before school on that first day.  Then, when we picked Oliver up, Brahm walked right to the sign and turned around and smiled for a picture, then did the same thing the next morning!  So funny!)

And Oliver's interview for the year:

Two weeks after Oliver started, Lily got to have her first day of prekindergarten.  (If you call it preschool, she will correct you!)  She was SO ready to go back, and after day one, asked when she was going to start going full day....

She requested (at Daddy's prompting) bubble bread for the morning of...
Brahm wanted his picture taken in front of his bubble bread, too!

Lily sat down to take pictures and immediately turned around.  I asked what she was doing, she said, "Take a picture of my princesses!" 

 And Lily's favorites:


The Sieberts said...

so cute!

Brian and Cheryl said...

Such fun back to school pictures! I love the picture of Brahm and bubble bread ... but actually I love them all!