Sunday, February 25, 2007

Baby Showers Galore!!!!

We were fortunate to have 2 baby showers this week! The one Thursday was at Slate Creek (my school). We got lots of good stuff--the pack 'n play, a CD player, diapers, diaper bag, a caterpillar play mat...

Then Saturday afternoon the girls from church had a shower. My mom and sister, several friends, and many girls from church were there. It was wonderful!!! We played fun games (Joel provided funny answers...) and had great snacks.

Finally, I opened tons of presents!!! It is very humbling to have that many people buy you things just because they want to. We are very grateful to them. We have everything we need (and more!) for Baby Smith. We should be set on diapers and wipes for a while, although my mom did say those go quickly!

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