Saturday, March 3, 2007

March Madness Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is finally the best month of the year and all of you know why, MARCH MADNESS. I will be spending hours in front of the TV watching college basketball. Kendall says, "Oh Yea." But she gets into it as well, always wanting to fill our her bracket. Hopefully the baby will wait until after the first weekend of games. Kendall possibly only has 10 days left of school or at least until Spring break. She may have to go back for a few days but we hope not, maybe her doctor will tell her not to go back.
March is also great because things are finally starting to warm up and come out of dormancy. Although today is cold, 40's, all next week looks like mid-60's all week. Tonight we are going to the winter slam concert in Wichita, Jeremy Camp, Steven Curtis Chapman, Sanctus Real, and several other. It should be a great concert.
I hope everyone is ready to fill out their brackets, its coming in just over a week.

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