Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Highlights of My Weeks at Home

I've been at home for over a week now. I'll share a few of my highlights...

1. Last Saturday I helped my sister move into an apartment in Wichita. She has a cute place--and of course has made it look very homey and stylish already. She is quite talented and has an eye for design.

2. I met my mom in Wichita for Starbucks, and we did a bit of shopping. We also met my sister for lunch. While at Old Navy--we found the cutest hats for newborns--of a duck and a bunny. We decided to buy them and use them on our newborns at Easter. We'll put them in a basket dressed as a duck and bunny--complete with grass and eggs! Watch for that picture after Easter.

3. I read John Grisham's book The Broker last week. It was a good one! One of my favorites. Now I am reading his non-fiction book, The Innocent Man. This is another great book.

Last night, we had two couples over for pizza.
Actually, the real reason was to put in the window that Brad made. (shown above the doors). Joel and Jess and Kara and Brad stayed for supper and dessert--and then they put the window in our nursery--I think it looks great!!!

5. Joel and I are planting a garden tonight. We are going to plant onions, jalapeno's, tomatoes, spinach, and then we have raspberries that are already growing from last year. Maybe we'll make salsa this summer!

6. Finally, we got to see our new niece this weekend for the first time. We went to El Dorado Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon/evening. Addilyn is quite cute! (and very laid back) There are lots of pictures of her on the blog link to the right--Tyler and Erin's blog. I did include a cute one, too. This shows Addilyn sucking (yes, sucking) Tyler's nose. Apparently she likes it!

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