Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Daddy's Boy

Joel comes home each day for lunch. We sit and enjoy sandwiches and chips, while watching Ollie entertain us in his swing. Lately, he's been trying so hard to get Joel's attention! It's hilarious. Today was no exception--and we caught in on video. I'll explain: first off, realize that we're still a little iffy on "baby-ese", so these translations may not be fully accurate. Here's what happens...Joel eats, watching his food or me. Ollie, realizing Dad's not watching him anymore, kicks and kicks FURIOUSLY. "Watch me, watch me!!!" Joel looks at him, and he starts talking to Joel. "Today I went on a walk, ate food, watched TV, had tummy time..." Although I spend most of my day with Ollie--during this lunch time, he is ALL JOEL's! Watch and see...(I did try to commentate a bit so you'd see exactly what was happening.)

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Anonymous said...

thats kinda how drew reacts when i'm on the lawn mower. he's lookin good. uncle mitch