Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Random Thoughts

To be honest--we don't really have anything exciting to write about...but the "gassy" video has been on far too long. I'm glad so many of you enjoyed that...
I've been working in my classroom a few hours a week now. It's nice that Ollie can lay on the floor and just watch. He's pretty content that way. I'm job sharing with a wonderful friend this year--I'll teach afternoons, she'll teach mornings. So it's been fun to set up a room with someone else.
Random Itchy Spots
I have this spot on my hip--Joel says it's poison ivy--that itches like CRAZY! It's red and bumpy. That's been a minor annoyance this week. (don't worry, I'm not including a picture)
I started re-reading the book "Here I Stand" about Martin Luther. (the reformer--not MLK) I remember liking that book when I had to read it in college--and then Sunday our pastor mentioned something about him, and it sparked my interest in reading it again. It's so far been a great book.
We have a garden this year that's doing pretty well, despite two April snowstorms. For the month of June, we had spinach coming up. It was delicious! That's died now, with the heat. (or the rabbits) Right now we are enjoying our tomato forest. Seriously. I pick 4-5 ripe tomatoes each day...and there's lots of green ones still growing! I'm trying to freeze salsa. We also are growing jalapenos (tempting to spell that "halapenos"), raspberries, green onions, basil and parsley. I havent' really used parsley yet. A friend gave those herbs (also tempting..."erbs") to us, and I've loved the basil.
I just enjoyed a nice lunch of pb/jelly sandwich, chips and HOMEMADE salsa, and a peach. Mmmmmmm.


Courtney said...

Umm, I thought eating lunch with me yesterday was pretty exciting - how did your itchy spots make the blog but not me?

Or the fact that I earned Joel $10 yesterday... or the fact that we're going to KC this weekend... my Kendall, does family not mean anything to you?

:) just kidding

Hooton Family said...

i have itchy spots too... i love your blogs kendall... whats that smell??? oh never mind....