Sunday, July 4, 2010

Life Lessons #526

I read Micah 6:6-8 a couple days back. It talks about what God really wants--sacrifice, or true obedience: loving your neighbor, being compassionate, walking with God.

This morning, I was talking with Ollie after a time-out. I began thinking about this passage: How humorous and sad would it be if, instead of obedience, Ollie wanted to just give me stuff. If, instead of learning to love and enjoy Lily (aka: stop hitting her on the head every time she comes near him) he'd just flippantly say 'sorry' and offer me one of his matchbox cars? He'd miss out on the tremendous blessing of family--of learning to love and be loved, of a trusting relationship with me, and would be crippled in his ability to live with people.

And what would I do with his stuff? The idea that his things are of any value to me is laughable! What do I desire of him? A relationship. I want him to love and trust me enough to see that these rules and boundaries we set for him are pure love--keeping him safe, giving him a loving family in which to learn, fail and grow. Someday, when he's a little older, a little more mature, he'll get that.

Once again, God uses children to help us (finally) understand our own Father a bit better.