Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lily Mae

Lily is 18 months, as of yesterday. It's hard to believe. Mostly because it seems she's so much OLDER than that! But other times, it's amazing that she's been with us that long.
(after a nap. That hair is something else!)

She is the funniest thing. (And we thought Ollie had personality!) She might now weigh 20 pounds, but has the spunk and attitude of a much larger child. :-) We often get comments about how little and 'sweet' she is. And she is! But she has been known to pick on children much bigger than her!(Lily's "cheese!" face)

Her nicknames are "Silly Lily", "Lil" (from Ollie), "Tiger Lily", "Wandering Lily" (because she IS such a wanderer), and lately, "Hurricane Lily". She can be the quietest, sneakiest little thing. She often leaves a path of destruction in her wake.

(watering my zinnias)

She is also becoming quite the talker. "NO!" is her new favorite word. Unfortunately, she uses is quite appropriately. She loves asking Ollie, "Why?" In fact, just this morning, they were standing at the door and she made a barking sound. Ollie responded, "No Lily, there aren't any dogs out there." "Why?" she asked. "Because, they're all dead" was his reply. But at least he gets to field the 'why' questions--and not me.

(yes, she's almost naked. Truth is, my kids play outside almost-naked most days. They always end up wet and dirty, so why not?)

I absolutely love her spunk and personality. I do worry a bit though, that it may be the source of some conflict when she's a bit older. Hopefully, we can help guide that strong will and attitude into some really positive things!!!


Julie said...

She is so, so adorable. I loved reading her update. What a precious, spirited girl!

Oh, and I have to add that I am so happy that other children play outside nearly-naked every day. :-)

Aaron and Shannon said...

She's great!! You guys will guide her in the right direction b/c you are awesome parents who seek the Lord for guidance! I'm so glad we get to know Lily! (Wiwy, as Eli calls her!)

Courtney e said...

you forgot Lily-Vanili

LOVE the pictures. She is definitely an adorable twerp.

Allen and Debby Graber said...

She is scrumptious! Talking about naked - when I came home today, I saw my neighbor boy (around 3) with his pants down, peeing in the bushes. So funny!