Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Days

Snow days are fun...they're nice for a change of schedule, change of scenery, an excuse to make yummy treats and drink way more hot cocoa than I should...

But they can be a bit stressful, too. At least I found that was the case for me. Day one...we had some major melting down (by all 3 of us). So when I found out we'd be home again Wednesday...I made a plan. I announced that, even though we wouldn't be going to regular preschool, we'd have preschool at home. Ollie was hyper with excitement. He then announced that it was "pre-k, mom, not preschool". (Pre-K's are older...)

So, since it was Groundhog Day, we had a place to start.

First, we all got dressed.

Then, we looked up Punxatony Phil himself (online) to see what he predicted--sure enough--spring is near! (Plus, then the kids could see what the heck a groundhog was.) Oh, and we watched a couple short little youtube videos about groundhogs--they both involved highly cheesy singing..but the kids were VERY enthralled.

Then, we worked on the letter 'G' (for groundhog).

Ollie also made a picture for Cubby Bear.

(Lily pretty much just wandered around during this part)

Next up was snack. If you use your creative can see that this is a little dirt mound (biscuit with cinnamon on top) and the little prune is our groundhog peaking out.

Finally, we acted it out. We had our groundhog hide in his hole, then PEAK OUT!

Ollie and Lily both tried it, too. (Oliver was convinced he saw his shadow.)
(can you see her 'peaking'?)

Later, I decided it was center time. (Which means, 'you kids go play on your own for a while!') They found dress-up clothes to be quite entertaining!

And no morning is complete without singing and dancing.

Thankfully, we survived two days being snowed in.
And we are SUPER excited to be able to go back to preschool again!


Chelsie said...

What a good mom you are Kendall! I bet the kids had so much fun!

Amy Warden said...

Seriously! You must be the funnest mom ever! At least that's the story your photos tell. :)

Joel Smith said...

Oh dear...then I'm afraid I've GREATLY misled the world. :-) I am fun *sometimes*, when I feel like it. Sometimes, I'm not very fun at all!