Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekend in Nebraska

We got to go visit some friends last weekend from Nebraska. Kara and I roomed together in the same mod in college, and ever since we've been good friends. Unfortunately, they moved to Husker-land a few years back--but they make frequent trips here, so we stay in touch.

This was only our second time visiting them, but we decided it needs to become a yearly tradition--what a great weekend we had!

Braden (their little guy) is almost 3, and they have another one on the way in just a few weeks. Oliver, Braden and Lily played so well together the whole time! We enjoyed good food, Rook until late into the night, scrapbooking while the kids took naps, outside playtime (well, the boys did this), and great quiet evenings talking together.

Thank you SO MUCH for letting us crash with you, Brad and Kara!!!!
(Oliver and Braden spent two hours outside Saturday playing in the snow and mud!)
(Oliver's first 4-wheeler ride)
(Oliver and Braden "played" a game together...with the dad's help, of course!)

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