Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A few things I've learned about couponing...

I'm two months in to my coupon-ing adventure. I've had some successes and some definite failures...and I've realized a few things:

1. It is SUPER fun and relaxing to cut coupons on a Sunday afternoon!

2. Organizing them well is key. (I haven't quite mastered this, though)

3. Going to the store with a specific list and meal plan is STILL crucial.

4. I have to really watch the prices for things--because usually I spend MORE with coupons. Here's why: I can STILL usually get off-brand products for cheaper than name-brand items with a coupon--UNLESS that item is on sale.

5. I have to really be careful to NOT simply buy something because I have the coupon--because I end up spending more.

I have saved MAJOR money on toiletries: razors, toothpaste (ALWAYS free!), shampoo and conditioner, etc. I get cereal MUCH cheaper now...(but have to stop buying it for a few weeks until we can move through our supply...)

I really have to learn the prices better at Dillons. Here's why: Most of the time, Walmart is cheaper. Even when Dillon's doubles coupons--unless there's super good sale. Case in point: I can buy Kraft Singles cheese (24-pack) at Walmart for $2.98ish. Dillon's? $4.25!!! So even when I had a $.50 coupon (which would have been $1 at Dillon's)--it's STILL cheaper at Walmart!

I'm no expert. I know there are people out there who save INSANE amounts on their grocery bill. But for me--I'm still learning the in's and out's of coupon-ing.


Marcy said...

Have you ever loaded digital coupons on your dillons card? The best way to save money at dillons is to "stack" coupons by combining a paper coupon (which doubles) and stack a digital coupon with it. Go to Dillons.com to load coupons. I've been doing a lot of couponing lately and the best advice I can give you is to check out these blogs...they are awesome! frugalfritzie.com and krazycouponlady.com

Joel Smith said...

I HAVE done that, and I like that. My dillon's ad says you can't stack them like that...but maybe I should just try! Thanks!


The Sieberts said...

yep you really have to watch. that's why i investigate before i buy...good 'ol walmart...lol
oh and YES you can stack them at our dillon's...i've done it several times...that's where you get the good deals :o)

Prissypants said...

I have done the stackin too at Dillons! The main thing I have been focusing on is the non-food stuff. its like when we are out of toilet paper, deodorant,paper towels all that kinda items, it racks up the bill fast. I am still trying to figure out the meal planning thing. I was really good at it and then I had Lily, and well she is two so I have no excuses! It helps cut down the bill of groceries too. my friends that have a CVS near them have saved TONS!!

Allen and Debby Graber said...

I went to the Dollar store last week and saved SO much!! Have decided to get my "Splenda" there. It is an off brand that to me tastes the same but is 1/2 price of Wally-world. I know they don't have lots of food there (eggs, etc) but why not save where I can?

Amy Warden said...

Sounds like you've come a long way! There is a bit of a learning curve, but you'll get there soon enough! I had to stop buying cereal too. We have way more than we can eat before the expiration dates! :)