Sunday, March 20, 2011

So, you're probably wondering what our kids DO while we work on the house...

Luckily, we have some wonderful neighbors behind us who come over to play most of the time. The kids LOVE to spend the afternoon together! (And we are SO thankful for wonderful friends so close by!)

One particular day, Taylor and Mason left their bikes in our yard during nap time, so once we came back to the house, Oliver had a great time carrying Taylor's precious baby while riding around the driveway.

It didn't bother him in the least that he was wearing the princess helmet either.

Lily comes inside to ask me to hold her every 3-4 minutes...but in between those times...she entertains herself outside pretty well.

Thankfully with warm weather, the kids spend much of their time there exploring...trying to feed birds with sand, and chasing a neighborhood cat around. Lily is still learning where our yard ends...we've found her on the neighbor's back porch before.

I hope our neighbors aren't tired of us already! :-)


Amanda said...

So funny!!! Lily always asks me to hold her when shes over here too :) wait till u see a blog post or two that i have in the works!

Sarah said...

I read the post on the Balzer's blog and I wanted to see what "the other side of the fence" had to say. Ha ha! So fun to have good friends living so close. Good luck on the renovation!