Saturday, October 1, 2011

September House Progress

Things have once again been BUSY around here!  With the picture perfect fall weather, comes lots of opportunities to finish up projects that we hadn't done yet. 

First, the bathroom.  Our main floor bathroom is ALMOST finished--we're still looking for the right black tile, and have a few more hardware things to add.  Trim will hopefully come this fall/winter...and then we're DONE!

Second, the yard.  Grass is growing (thanks to perfect temperatures!) and it's so fun to have a green yard again.  Joel yells "GROW!" at it each time he sees it, so I'm sure that's why it's doing so well.

Third, our roof.  We are having our roof reshingled as I write...and it looks super!  Now, to lighten the color of our siding....I'm afraid that project will come NEXT year.
Fourth, our kitchen cupboards are FINISHED!  I have three more to hang my picture isn't a complete 'after' yet...
Fifth, on a rainy cool weekend, we made a trip to Wichita and picked up LOTS of new lighting and hardware for the all the ugly lights have been replaced.  Now....what to do about that dining room light????

Finally, I started drawing the tree in the nursery and just got started painting that FINISHED picture will come later, too.  
(turns out...this will be a longer project than I anticipated!  This is all I got done for day 1...and it's going to need at least one more coat!)


Rachel said...

It all looks so great!! Wonderful job :)

Elaine Entz said...

The house looks wonderful! You should hire yourselves out... I have always a white kitchen, looks very fresh!

Amanda said...

I love the cupboards, makes me want to do the same. And that tree is going to look super!