Friday, September 30, 2011

Pregnancy Comments

Men and women are inherently different. 

This pregnancy, I've noticed that's true even in the way they comment on pregnant women.  It's hilarious, actually. 

Women are always kind and understanding IF they say anything.

Men say...well, the oddest things.

It has been men EVERY time that have asked if I'm having twins.  (Many times I've been asked this--especially with Lily and Oliver)

Several times, while working at a photobooth, I've been asked, "Is that a prop?"  (again, always men)

Several times, I've been asked if I swallowed a watermelon for lunch.  The other day, the locksmith (who got me back INTO my van after I locked myself and the kids out...) mentioned that my diet wasn't working very well.

I find these comments hilarious and in no way take offense to them...but as I was recounting them to struck me that women don't comment in the same way. 

If we did, we'd probably get a punch to the face!


The Sieberts said...

i want to know those pregnancy comments! :o)

Amanda said...
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