Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I LOVE a good deal!

This morning, I went out to run a few errands.  Cereal was something we desperately needed...but I've started trying to only buy it REALLY cheap--so I was waiting for some good deals PLUS coupons.  Well, this morning I found some!  Combining sales at Walgreens, a raincheck for cereal from LAST week, and great coupons...I got 9 big boxes of cereal for $17!  Now, I'll admit--this is a lot of cereal--but it will last us MONTHS!!!  I was very excited.  (I'm not a super-couponer yet...so I'm SURE there would have been a way to get this even CHEAPER--but I thought less than $2 a box is a great deal ANYTIME!)

Another thing my kids and I are hooked on for breakfast is Cream of Wheat.  My kids ask for it most mornings!  We make it and then add cranberries, blueberries or raisins to it.  It is YUMMY.  Normally, it's almost $4 at Walmart--which is okay, cause it lasts a long time.  But I found a box in perfect condition at Meridian Grocery (a damaged goods store in our town) for $1.09!  What a deal!  So I bought it.  I LOVE that store!

If you haven't tried Meridian Grocery yet--I'd recommend it--today they had boxes of Cocoa Krispies on sale for $.50 a box!  (If I hadn't bought 9 boxes right before that...I would've grabbed a few!)   Most of their inventory is VERY discounted--like 50% or more!


The Sieberts said...

LOVE Meridian1!!!

Amanda said...

I have never been to Meridian, i guess I should try it. We DO love cream of wheat too - but unfortuneatly our add-ins are a bit more unhealthy - butter and brown suger!!! So yummy!

Amy Warden said...

I was at Walgreen's today too - and I had coupons for everything I bought - only it wouldn't take my $5 register rewards unless I purchased one more item. Ok, twist my arm. Pretzel M&M's it is. And I actually ate them BEFORE lunch.

Anonymous said...

my target price for cereal is less than $1 per box. when i find that, i usually stock up.