Thursday, September 1, 2011

The "yard"

I use quotation marks because it's more accurately a field of loose dirt...but eventually, once the jet stream moves and Kansas receives rain and cool temperatures again...we'll be planting grass. Hence, a 'yard'.

Joel has been busy prepping this mass of space for what will certainly be a beautiful expanse of grass in the near future:

Kill the yard: Check. (actually, mother nature effectively did that, too--but Joel had a good excuse to walk around with his pump and chemicals.)

Till it with the tractor: Check.

Kill the yard again: Check.

Hook up the pump: (YES, we have a WELL!!!) Check.

Drive a 4-wheeler around and around and around for 3 days to make sure it's smooth: Check.

Dig a trench to connect the well to the sprinkler system: Check.

Rake up mounds of grass: Check.

Scoop up mounds of grass: Check.

And my piddly contribution? I drew a fantastic map of our sprinkler system zones for Joel.

I should mention....all of this hard work was done in 100+ degree yeah, Joel's a rock star. (literally...)

Today--the basement pins are being installed to every-so-slightly pull back a now--LET THE PLANTING BEGIN!

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Momma H said...

We got alittle rain right after Joel dug up the yard. Maybe if you plant we really will get rain. Can hardly remember what wet is like. It's only wet north of Salina, I think.