Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of Pre-K!

(And DON'T you call it is Pre-K!!! insists Ollie.)

Today was the first day--and BOY has he been ready. We've have our supplies packed in his bag for almost a month now...and he's been talking for weeks about what he'd wear the first day. (Although that changed suddenly last night.)

I finally convinced him to let me take a picture with his teacher...and then of course, he wanted a few with some friends of his. (Funny how he doesn't just give a nice smile, huh?...that's Joel's genes.)

Here he is with Mrs. Helsel. Wow does he love her!!! He talked about her all summer, and when pointing her out to us in pictures, just grins. We absolutely LOVE her: she is the most sweet, giving, loving teacher. He is SO BLESSED to have her a second year in a row!

Here is his friend, Cooper. Cooper is Mrs. Helsel's son--so these boys have spent LOTS of time together. They both love to help set up and take down after preschool. (They can be pretty ornery, too!)

This is Taylor, our back-door neighbor. Taylor and Oliver go WAAAAY back--they played together starting when they were just 4 and 9 months old! So it's a lot of fun to have them together in pre-K this year.

We're hoping for another super year--where he'll learn a lot, have fun with friends...(and be a little bit more worn out at home....)

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The Sieberts said...

as long as ollie doesn't smile like that in his sr. photos and wedding what a character!