Friday, November 18, 2011

Brahm (Week 2) pictures this week.  I know I've taken some...but the idea of going to get my camera, upload photos, and try to pick a few sounds a little bit TOO ambitious right just some words. 

I should clarify first that the last two pictures on the previous blog post WERE both of Brahm.  I tried to stick a picture of Oliver in there, but the angle of his face (plus the fact that he was yawning a HUGE yawn) made it impossible to tell how much alike they I took it off.  I PROMISE to find some of the pictures that will illustrate their similar looks SOON. 

For this week, I have a few observations:

*I am once again surprised at how much infants sleep.  It's like it's all he does!  :-)  But it's nice to have some time during the day that feels more normal, with just the two big kids.

*Our big kids are LOUD.  Seriously.  I think we have never worried much about how much they talk/sing/yell because it's just us.  They're talkative...and that's how they've ALWAYS been.  But now that we have a little newborn in the's REALLY noticeable.  We're really trying to institute the "inside voices" rule, as well as the "no singing at the table" rule.  I know...we're mean.  But they sing constantly--and otherwise, no one else gets a word in!!!

*It feels like we've always had 3 kids.  So nice that the transition has been quick and pretty easy so far.  We are very thankful for each beautiful little one in our house...and can't wait to see what Brahm ends up being like!  (We're crossing our fingers for 'quiet' and 'calm'.)

Hopefully I'll get more pictures taken this week...and maybe go back through the ol' archives to find Ollie's.  Next week's will be a little more exciting....surely.


The Sieberts said...

love cuddling him today!!! he's so precious :o)

Amy said...

It made me laugh that you're crossing your fingers for quiet and calm. :)