Monday, November 28, 2011

Brahm's Name

Brahm is a bit of an unusual name, we realize.  But when your last name is 'Smith'--you have to be creative!  Truth is...I saw it on TV one night.  Worse was on a grave stone...the name of a boy who had died.  But I loved the name immediately!  Originally, they had spelled it "Bram".  They even referred to him has "Bram-y", which I thought was cute.  So I shared the name idea with Joel, who promptly asked, "Like the ice cream?"  Yep.  Like the ice cream.  He didn't love it.  

We didn't talk about names again for a while, which is typical.  We are HORRIBLE at picking out names, mainly because we both like so few...   But two weeks before the baby came...we talked again...and I offered another name choice.  He said, "I like Brahm better!" and suggested we spell it with an 'h'.  I LOVED it!  Just like the composer!  (NOT like the ice cream.)  :-)   I googled it to make sure it was a real name (sure enough, it is!) and found out that it's origin is Hebrew, from the name 'Abraham'.  I liked that.   So we settled on a first name.  

The middle name was easy--Arthur is my grandpa's name--he passed away earlier this year.  I hadn't realized fully what a special man he was until his memorial service--where we heard story after story of how Grandpa 'walked with God'.  He wasn't showy and didn't talk about it a lot...but the way he lived his life each day--spending time with God, loving and serving his wife, praying for his grandchildren and children--was such an example of a life well-lived.  We want that for Brahm--for him to live a long life trusting God and learning to love and serve others.  

(And some pictures from the last couple weeks...)
 (He REALLY hates the swaddling process....)

 (I think my sister stole my camera and took this one...)

(napping with Daddy on Sunday)


Toni :O) said...

Beautiful baby, beautiful name (my G-Pa was Arthur too!), beautiful family! Blessings to you all!

Rachel said...

What a sweet name! I really love it. He is so sweet! It looks like he gets plenty of love from his brother and sister!!

The Sieberts said...

so cute! love the name!

Kelly said...

I was looking up the name Brahm on Google and came across your blog post. My sister and brother in law welcomed their third child, a boy in November. His name is Arthur Brahm! What a small world!