Monday, December 26, 2011

December {The WHOLE Johnson Clan}

The day after Christmas we officially celebrated with my brother and his family, my sister and my parents.  It was a fun-filled day!  We got there in time for lunch and naps (for the kids)...and then Tyler's family arrived mid-afternoon.  We had lots of presents and eating to cram into a short time--so we got right at it!

 Grandpa J., Asher and Lily (in their new pj's)

 Brief explanation here:  I had the idea to take a picture of our 3 kids together:  Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.  This will be the ONLY time that would work, right?  Well, Oliver insisted he was a wiseman, Lily didn't want to dress up, and Brahm did a mighty fine job of acting the part.  So this was the finished product...

 Getting the kids in one spot for our annual "kids in PJ's in front of the Christmas tree" picture...


 Lily giving Grandpa a BIG hug for her new pj's.  She was THRILLED!  I suppose there will come a time when the grandkids will have to stop stripping and immediately putting on their new pj's in front of us all...but for's still okay.

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