Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer 2013 {Week 7}

This week was the least-busy week of the summer so far, and while that was nice and relaxing, with the heat and extra time at home...we all lost our tempers a few times more than we should have.  Myself included.  We'll gloss over that part for the purpose of this blog post, so here are some of the highlights of the week! 

Brahm figured out he likes turning on lights this weekend...
and REALLY doesn't like it when you stop him.  

I took this picture of Brahm while we were eating ice cream (which is a nightly occurrence at our house) and it looked SO much like Oliver I could hardly believe it. 
Taylor and Mason came back!  The kids were so excited to get working on their "house" again.  Oliver and Mason were busy building bunk beds for them all the sleep on. 
Lily taught Brahm to paint the other day.  Seriously, the things this kid gets to do.  And he actually didn't make as big of a mess as I worried he would! 
We went and swam at the big pool again when the temps reached 106...pretty much the only way to cool off! 

Oliver decided he desperately wanted to make money this week.  He painted several pictures, set them up on the table, priced them at $1-2 a piece, and starting selling.  THANK YOU to those of you who bought one!  He was thrilled and has started adding to his tool collection with his profits.  The entrepreneurial spirit does NOT come from me. 

We had two new tenants move into apartments #6 and #9 this week.  (Actually, Joel found old house numbers and gave them to the kids...they immediately wanted them on their bedroom we told them we'd start charging rent.)  :-)

Joel and I had a chance to go out on a date before we brought our photobooth to an event that raised money for the Harbor House in Wichita (a safehouse for women).  It's always a great event and so fun to do--but we had a sna-fu with a camera and it was not good.  NOT good at all.  One of those nights you choose NOT to put your sign up so people don't know whose photobooth business that is.  Yuck. 
Finally, I got a tip from a friend that there were some great buys north of Newton a we took a morning and made a small roadtrip to find some bargains.  I bought 3 old white vintage windows, and two old school desks (that needed a LOT of work!) for $10!!!  The kids have been asking for "slanty desks" for their rooms so they can "work"....and here they are working on the final touches. 

Next week, 2 aunts and Grandma and Grandpa Smith are coming, and we are SO excited to see them!!!


Debby Graber said...

Will you tell Oliver that I would like to buy a picture? You might commission him to make a painting of Allen and I? If he doesn't want to do that, well, we can buy another one of his picking too.

Amy said...

I've always wondered about the Photobooth and if you ever had issues with it not working. That would be my biggest worry! What if something goes wrong and I don't know how to fix it?! I don't think I could handle the stress of working for you. :)