Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer 2013 {Weeks 8 and 9}

We have had the most fun and BUSY weeks of the summer so far!  Grandma and Grandpa Smith, Aunt Sara and Uncle Kris, and Aunt Karla and Brooke and Isaac came from Indiana and Ohio to spend a week with us!  It was so much fun!!!!

First, Lily was working on riding bike with no training wheels.  She's definitely getting close!

We also squeezed in a summer school session with the neighbors before the family came.  Here, Oliver and Taylor were practicing cursive letters.

Tuesday morning we finished up the last-minute things we had to do before Grandma came, and then, played Uno while we anxiously waited....

Grandma took us out to Braum's the FIRST night she was here!  (She must know that some certain people in this family love ice cream!)  :-)

Brooke and Brahm became quick friends.  She loved playing with him and taking care of him, and he loved the attention!

Two different afternoons we went to the pool to cool off.  Good thing we have a family of fishes!  It was a great way to spend the afternoon!

Brooke, Isaac and Brahm played ball with Grandpa one night....oddly enough, we had two different evenings where 20+ people came over to have supper and hang out, and both nights, it poured and stormed!  I am NOT complaining though--we were so thankful for that much rain in July!!!

The kids swam in the rain, and then came in for a rousing game of Uno!

Dark clouds another morning.  Just beautiful.

The REAL reason everyone came down was for the family reunion on Grandma's Smith's MOM's side of the family.  It was here in Newton, and so Joel's family came for that, and we were able to go as well since it was just down the street from us!

One night, Grandpa and Brahm played ball....

Sara and Lily took a picture in the photobooth....
 Even Uncle Kris convinced Lily to go in with him!  Truth is, Uncle Kris has won his way into Lily's heart, and wow does she love him!
Another beautiful morning.  Karla took our family pictures a few miles out of town and it was the perfect cool, cloudy morning for it.  We are so thankful for the rain and cooler temperatures this year!!!

Aunt Sara also checked Lily's heart and lungs with her stethoscope.  Lily has a fascination with nurses, so this was so fun for her to "hear" what a heart and lungs are supposed to sound like!

We are so thankful that everyone came to visit us.  And guess what?  In two weeks, we get to go visit THEM! 

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